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  • Your Details

  • Incase of emergency, please provide your next of kin details

  • Bank Details

  • Employment History

  • Start with your most recent employment. Please state a full 5-year history in order for us to take satisfactory references whether employment, schools, colleges or any other further education.

    If you cannot supply us with a full 5-year checkable history, you application will be void.

  • Employer 1 Details

  • Employer 2 Details

  • Employer 3 Details

  • Employer 4 Details

  • Employer 5 Details

  • Please supply details of 2 personal references

  • Driving Licence Details

  • New Starter Declaration

    You must declare as it is a criminal offence to withhold any information to do with any criminal convictions you may have or had.

  • Payments

    • Payment terms are one week in arrears
    • It is your responsibility to get your timesheet signed at the end of every working shift
    • Timesheets must be in the office no later than 08:00 Monday morning, even on bank holidays. Failing to do so will result in your payment being delayed until the following week.
    • Should you ever be unable to complete your assignment you must advice Prodrive personnel immediately, as we have to organise a replacement together with the signing of the timesheet.
  • The following procedures must be adhered to at all times

  • Delivery/collections

    • Between leaving a depot collection point to the delivery point there must be no unauthorised stopping on route.
    • Overnight stops with a loaded trailer/vehicle must only be on secure sites approved by the client.
    • Loaded trailers/vehicles must not be left unattended.
    • At the delivery point you must make sure the person receiving the goods are the employees of the company.
    • Any deliveries not made must be advised before leaving the company and reported to the manager.
    • Non collections must be advised before leaving the collection point.
    • You need to inform the transport office if you are stuck in traffic etc and are unable to make the collection or delivery.


    • The driver must always obtain a receipt for the transfer (collection/delivery) of cargo. This must include a signature and a printed name to identify the accepting person. It should also include the date and number of pieces concerned. The drivers must give the signature for anything collected and check exactly what he is signing for.
    • Drivers should put any comments about delivery or collection on there run sheets. They should also make a note of the pick up time on the colection note, or if this has to be handed in, make a note on the return manifest.

    Run sheets

    • Run sheets inform you of any deliveries and collections allocated to you for that day. Any problems with the deliveries or collections are to be marked on the run sheet. I.e. if you are aunable to deliver because a company is closed you must inform the transport office via the cab phone and mark it on your run sheet "CUSTOMER CLOSED RETURNED TO DEPOT".
    • The run sheet must be coomplete with your full name vehicle number start place of overnight stop, start and finishing time, start and finishing date, and start and finishing mileage.
  • Employee Code of Conduct

    • Rememer we care about you and we are always here to help and assist you
    • Always arrive at your destination (place of work) on time.
    • If you are unwell or are unable to attend work you must call the 24-hour number which is provided in your handbook and on the reverse of your I.D. pass.
    • You must at all times wear your full uniform, which includes safety wear, hi vis and I.D. badge etc. and always create a good image.
    • Work the full company hours unless you are requested to work part time or overtime.
    • Familiarise yourself with the company rules and regulations.
    • Ask for further duties when you have completed your allocated tasks.
    • Keep Prodrive Personnel informed of your working progress.
    • Ask the company if they require your services again.
    • You must never abuse company privilages and never gossip or become involved in company politics or divulge in any confidential information to fo with Prodrive Personnel or the company you are working for. This includes pat rates, shifts and companies you are given to attend. It is you this affects.
    • You must never complain to any of our clients if a problem arises. You must call us immediately in order for us to deal with the situation in an appropriate manner.
    • Any parking tickets, speeding tickets or any other driving fines that you incur will be deducted with evidence that it was yourself who remains responsible.
    • Any negligence committed by yourself while working will be your responsibility and will be deducted. This will include loss of vehicle keys, not checking your diesel, locking and sealing your vehicle correctly or in some instances at all and any other negligence that is committed by you.
  • Smoking Policy

  • As you are aware by the governing law that the no smoking policy has come into effect.

    We have been advised by our clients, that if they are fined by the relevant authorities for any Prodrive Personnel Limted employees smoking on the prohibited areas the cost will be passed onto yourselves.

    Please accept below that you are in agreement with the above and failing to do so will result in us being unable to give you any further shifts.

  • Health & Safety Questionnaire

  • The questions below are multi choice. You must select one answer per question.

  • Opt out of 48 hour working week

  • Definition

    In his/her agreement the following definitions apply:

    "Assignment" means the period during which the temporary work is engaged to render services to the client.
    "Client" means the person, firm or corporate body engaging the services of the temporary worker.
    "Working week" means an average of 48 hours each week calculated over a 17 week reference period.

    References to the singular include the plural and references to the masculine include the feminine and visa versa.

    The heading contained in this agreement are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.


    The working time regulations 1998 provided that the temporary worker shall not work on an assignment with the clientin excess of the working week unless he/she agrees in writing that this limit should not apply.


    The temporary worker hereby agrees that the working week shall not apply to the assignment.

    Withdrawal of the consent:

    a) The temporary worker may end this agreement by giving the employment business a one month notice in writing.

    b) For the avoidance of doubt, any notice bringing this agreement to an end shall not be constructed as termination by the temporary worker of an assignment with a client.

    c) Upon the expiry of the notice period set in clause a, the working week limit shall apply with immediate effect.

    d) The law: These terms are governed by English Law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

  • Declaration in line with DFT regulations

  • I declare that I have no criminal convictions other than any treated as spent under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 or those disclosed on this form.

    I accept that any misrepresentations of the facts are grounds for refusal of employment or disciplinary proceeding if employed and, in appropriate cases, criminal charges.

    I give my authority for approaches to be made to form employers, educational establishments and Government agencies and personal referees for verification of the information given.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.